The Hard Lessons - Wally Bronner (Christmas Always) - 7" + CD Copy


7" + CD Copy
Limited to 500 Copies
Pressed On White Vinyl
Released December 2010

You been good boys and girls this year, right? Well, we think so! That is why for our 21st release we are delivering to you a very special bit of holiday cheer. How does THE HARD LESSONS suit your fancy? How about a BRAND NEW holiday tune honoring Michigan's own King of Christmas, the legendary, WALLY BRONNER? How about for the B-Side, a moving rendition of the evergreen classic "O, HOLY NIGHT"? Heck, we are even putting it on WHITE vinyl with a CD Copy to boot! Don't Wait for the Santa to come or for the snow melt, ORDER NOW!

Side A
1. Wally Bronner (Christmas Always)

Side B
2. O, Holy Night