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The Beggars - Same Costume As Mine / Sleepaway Camp Death Trap - Double A Side 7" Single



*** RELEASED September 28, 2018 ***

Limited to 300 Copies Pressed:
150 Opaque Orange Vinyl
150 Classic Black Vinyl

All copies include a download code for both tracks and features an extended version of "Sleepaway Camp Death Trap!
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Fold over Jacket featuring 2 different front covers (1 for each song) featuring artwork by Slasher Dave!

The Beggars are a goodtime party rock band from the Detroit area. Their latest release and first on Bellyache is a limited edition Halloween 7" single consisting of 2 tracks from their past but newly re-recorded with their latest lineup for this release. "Same Costume As Mine" was originally released on Bellyache Records "Ghoul's Delight! A Monster Party Record" 2xCD and "Sleepaway Camp Death Trap" originally appeared on their "Party To The People" CD. The new versions capture the spirit and energy of the latest incarnation of the band. Perfect fun to add to your Halloween party rock playlist.


Side A -
1. Same Costume As Mine

Side A -
1. Sleepaway Camp Death Trap

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