Speedy Greasy - Rock N Roll Records - 7"


7" Single
Limited to 300 Copies
100 copies of each cover

Bellyache Records continues it's onslaught of sweet Rock and Roll Records with the debut 7 inch from SPEEDY GREASY (which also happens to be titled "Rock and Roll Records"). The A side is a balls to the walls rocker that lead singer, Craig Marrero, proclaims "These Rock and Roll Records will be the Death of you"! Lets hope not because we want you to buy more...heh,heh. The B side is a classic catchy lil diddy featuring a call and response with the rest of the band that consists of Rob Dey-Guitar, Chris Kro on Bass and Mike Latulippe (of the legendary Motor City Trio, THE HENTCHMEN) on drums! The song is simply titled "Easy".

Side A
1. Rock and Roll Records

Side B
2. Easy

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