Hit Society - Piranha Pool EP - 7" + Download Code


7" + Digital Download Code
Limited To 300 Copies
Pressed on Black Vinyl
Released July 30, 2013

Hit Society is a 4 piece rock band from Detroit, Michigan. After returning from playing in Japan, guitarist Josh got together with vocalist/guitarist Kurt and they quickly began writing their self-titled debut album, which they recorded with local Detroit producer Jim Diamond. Two Detroit musicians with extensive band and touring experience, Ricky (bass) and Evan (drums), also joined, filling out the rhythm section and bringing an added energy to Hit Society. Things moved quickly after that, with Hit Society soon opening up for Sebastian Bach, Candlebox, and more, and doing radio appearances in Detroit and New York City, where they also played a series of concerts. Since then, frequent live performances, radio play and a tireless work ethic have made their presence known in Detroit and beyond. With a summer EP release, a compilation release, and festival dates and tours planned, the band shows no signs of slowing down.

Also dig the sweet cover design & layout by our good friend & artist, MARK RUDOLPH! You should check out his website here!

Side 1
1. All Day
2. Media Destroyer
3. So American

Side 2
4. Spider Bite
5. Toxic