Destroy This Place - Resurrect The Mammoth - LP + CD Copy


BR-029 / JH-005
LP + CD Copy
Limited to 300 Copies
Pressed On Black Vinyl
Released June 2011

A four headed monster. Loud. As. Fuck. Like Fugazi playing 70's power-pop, weaned on thrash metal, hip-hop cassettes and indie rock's heyday of 7" singles and Magnet Magazine. DTP is four beautiful men in their 30's, with responsibilities and respectable bedtimes. Yet they play like they're the best band in your high school and they want this years dance to be one to remember. And possibly a little bloody.

Either way, all they want to do is crush other bands and bring a little bit of unbridled fun and danger back to indie rock. The members of DTP (John Nelson Guitar/Vocals, Ryan Allen - Guitar Vocals, Monday Busque - Bass, & Sean Sommer - Drums) have done time in such bands as Thunderbirds Are Now!, Friendly Foes, New Grenada, Copper Thieves, The Trembling, Plain Dealers & the Cold Wave. They all bring a certain intensity with pop sensibility that will get you singing along or maybe even start a pit! "Resurrect The Mammoth" was recorded at Russian Recording with sound wizard, Mike Bridavsky.

Side One
1. Safe To Say
2. Fortunate Blood
3. Exhausted
4. All That Glitters
5. Ignore It

Side Two
6. Pioneers
7. Rifled
8. Hold Tights
9. I'm Not For Everyone
10. Life Is Hard