Destroy This Place - Destroy This Place (2013) - LP + Download Code


LP + Download Code
Limited To 500 Copies
Pressed On Black Vinyl
Released May 2013

Equal parts of your 7" collection from the 90s, mixed with elements of early thrash, 70s power-pop, effects-pedal hopping UK shoegaze, and SST-affiliated punk, Detroit's Destroy This Place make loud, catchy, sharp indie rock.

Captured expertly by Mike Bridavsky (BLK JKS, Rogue Wave, Good Luck, Murder By Death, Magnolia Electric Co., etc) at Russian Recordings in Bloomington, IN, and mastered in Chicago by none other than Bob Weston (member of Shellac and Mission of Burma, producer and mastering man on too many classic albums to list), what you'll find within the brand new, self-titled sophomore release is something in line with the recent resurgence of "guitar rock" by the likes of Japandroids, the Men, and Cloud Nothings, but with an even larger focus on melody, intricacy, energy, and real life lyrics - all played by some real-ass dudes. No doubt, the 11 muscular, pop anthems on Destroy This Place are designed to be cranked.

Side One
1. Lethal Sky
2. Werewolf Mask
3. Tight Sleeves
4. Absorb You
5. Born With Guitars In Our Hands
6. Defeated

Side Two
7. Emperor's Bones
8. Graves
9. Like Mice
10. Wake Up Time
11. Ghost Ride The Lightning