Betty Cooper - Guts - LP + 11x11" Art Print + Download Code


LP + Digital Download Code + 11"x11" Art Print
Limited to 300 Copies
Pressed On Black Vinyl
Released July 2013

Bellyache Record's 38th release is the debut LP from Betty Cooper...who's nucleus similarly used to be known as the Swamp Sisters! This new 10 song LP, which is titled "Guts", was penned by singer/songwriter/artist Annette Barbara. "Guts" is a deep lyrical/musical journey of a young woman dealing with relationships, family and love. Betty Cooper's musical style blends the sound of 90's alternative rock with nods toward modern singer songwriter pop and shows influence of such artists as The Breeders, Belly & Juliana Hatfield.

You may recognize the colorful cover art style that is similar to a few other Bellyache releases. The cover art is the creation of BC's singer/songwriter/guitarist (and longtime Bellyache Records art/design collaborator), Annette Barbara. You can view more of her designs and creations on her website!

Side One
1. Pretend Another Night
2. For The Girls
3. Waiting
4. Hidden
5. Sailor

Side Two
6. N.P.S.
7. No Luck
8. I Like Myself Better (When I Didn't Have Friends)
9. Valentine
10. Mirror