Bastardous - Bastardous - LP + Download Code


LP + Digital Download
Limited to 300 Copies
100 White Vinyl
200 Black Vinyl
Released December 2016

The debut album from Detroit's Bastardous is now available on a Limited Edition Vinyl LP. This Post-Punk Trio is comprised of current & former members of The Suicide Machines, The A-Gang, Grande Nationals, Hi-Fi Handgrenades & Mest. We highly recommended it for fans of Hot Water Music, Hot Snakes, Avail, Alkaline Trio, Dag Nasty & The Gaslight Anthem.

Side 1
1. Walkers
2. Seventy-Nine Percent
3. We Need No Answers
4. Hand Me Down
5. This Cat Is Bored (VINYL ONLY TRACK)

Side 2
6. Black Clothing
7. Injection
8. Kristen
9. You Spook Easy
10. Rally of the Crows
11. What We See